We bring together the best of personal and professional relationships to offer e-waste recycling services based on trust and experience.

We started from scratch, like so many other companies, so we fully understand your needs and the determination you put into your professional activity every day. This is the same determination that, since 2009, has made us a benchmark in recycling computer and electronic waste.

The Reset team is unlike any you’ve worked with before, because we’re not only experts in what we do, but we’re also highly professional. We take you into account and understand your priorities.

Reset stands by you:


IKER makes the logistics here at Reset as efficient as the motorcycle he likes riding around the roads of Europe and as fast as his snowboard carries him down the hardest ski slopes. Thanks to his charisma and people skills, he makes sure our clients consider us a benchmark in managing and handling e-waste.

NÚRIA is our rudder here at Reset. As a good adventurer, she faces the challenge of heading up this family-run e-waste management company with determination and environmental awareness. No one better than an animal and nature lover to guide Reset toward its goals.

JAUME complements Núria at the helm of Reset, bringing his determination and drive to improve the company through knowledge. Indeed, the courage required by his fondness for two-wheeled vehicles feeds off his passion for travel and discovering the world.

AITOR is in charge of our warehouse, a job that requires good management skills in order to deal with e-waste properly. As a lover of nature and outdoor sports, climbing in particular, he applies the same passion to overcoming the challenge of properly managing the selection, valorisation and storage of all the waste that comes through our doors as he does to conquering those vertical walls he likes so much.

MARIBEL controls the day-to-day activity of the company with the assuredness of an orchestra conductor. Like in the works she likes to paint in her free time, at Reset she has it all under control. No one is better at ensuring that everything is in its place and keeping us on the right track throughout our journey.

GABRI is our head of computer waste treatment and recycling. All of the products we collect pass through his hands but he manages that responsibility with the same skill he shows in his pole-dancing exercises and sweeping down the slopes on his snowboard. Plus, he loves animals and carpentry, making Gabri a great catch we’re very proud of!

And if trust is at the core of our business, our commitment to the environment is what motivates us. We believe in sustainable e-waste management with the final aim of recycling and reintroducing these components into the market. Any other option would entail potentially hazardous contamination that our planet wouldn’t be able to handle in the long run.

Want to work with us?

At Reset we’re always looking for people to join our family. If you’re an e-waste management professional or just think you could make a contribution to the company, don’t hesitate to contact us.